Welcome to SILFA –
Staubach International Law Firm Alliance

As our world grows seemingly smaller every day, clients increasingly require a network of legal professionals able to respond to their individual needs across a wide range of countries and legal systems coupled with a personalized approach that values the human factor and a close professional relationship.

SILFA is a network and alliance among renowned, independent mid-sized law firms throughout Europe and in the United Arab Emirates established as a Swiss non-profit association according to article 60 ff. of the Swiss Civil Code with its seat in Zurich, Switzerland.

All members of SILFA are legally and financially independent law offices, working in close cooperation with one another while remaining independent. SILFA's philosophy and aim is to facilitate and increase the competency of its members' international legal work for the benefit of the clients of each of its members.

Therefore, the members have established and maintain close relations and exchanges of know how and acumen to assist one another in the field of legal services, thus promoting an exchange of information and views as to laws, practices and professional responsibilities relating to the practice of national and international law.

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